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Welcome to Aluminiumsky, where we create custom-made aluminium lamps that are exclusive and unique to each customer. Our lamps are designed based on existing models, and we work creatively with our customers to design the perfect lamp for their space. Our lamps can be hung in any environment, from apartments to villas, palaces, and hotel halls. We are a Netherlands-based company that delivers lamps worldwide.

Aluminium is a great material for lamps because it reflects light beautifully. We specialize in using bolt connections instead of welding, which makes our lamps even more unique. Our lamps can be finished in different ways, but the most common finishes are brushed and polished.

At Aluminiumsky, we believe that good lighting is essential for any space. It creates the exact atmosphere that you want. That’s why we offer a wide range of lamps that are available in different dimensions and colors. We can totally adjust the lamps to your wishes.

So, let the magic of Aluminiumsky light into your life! Contact us today to get started on designing your perfect lamp.


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Scorpius in a modern bedroom

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