Customer care

Terms & conditions

1. We reserve the right, without prior notice, to discontinue products or change specifications on products.

2. Our brand is free to commit any design changes without prior notice. Please note that the final product may have small variations from the image on the catalog.

3. Many finishes are applied by hand and may vary in color, tone, and character. While our brand will make every effort to match a finish, we cannot guarantee an exact match.

4.The finishes shown on our website might not be available for all the brands we represent. Modification of the standard finishes might incur additional charges. If you want a specific finish on your piece, please check the product page or request the market manager’s help.

5. Throughout the years color fading and oxidization might occur as a part of the material’s natural process of aging. Variations in color and veining are inherent in marble stones and considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material.

6. Some products may have marks, minor pitting, porosity, and small color anomalies. These are the distinguishing traits of our handcrafted casted brass products.

7. For lighting pieces standard led bulbs are supplied free of charge in every product, except for orders whose final destination requires a 230-240v. However, we cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of these components during their lifespan.

8. Plugs and switches are included and in accordance with the standards of the country to which the product is destined.

9. Our pieces are handcrafted and therefore other small variations might occur such as small differences in measurements up to 5 cm / 1,97 inches.

1. To place an order please contact the official Market Manager who will provide you a Proforma invoice with all the details and specifications of your request, which must be validated and signed, therefore confirmed by the customer prior to payment. All orders require a proforma invoice in order to move forward.

2. A Proforma invoice is considered valid for a period of 30 working days from the day that is initially sent. Therefore, after this period it might be subject to a revision which may include not only design features but also pricing.

1. We have the ability to customize existing products or to make new products (bespoke) to meet your desire/need – all situations that require custom designs are subject to an upcharge. Special pricing based on quantity and features will be provided upon request for all customized products – the decision will be made on a case-by-case basis and the Buyer will be notified of any said fees.

2. Before any order, we are free to charge a design fee for more extensive drawings or renders the client may request for customized products. These fees are non-refundable once paid for and will be deducted from the final cost of the order.

1. The values on our Euro and Dollar Price List are public and substitute any other published or advertised before.

2. Prices always refer to a single unit and VAT is not included in the price. All legal taxes and fees must be subsequently added to the price.

3. Standard packaging is included in the price. Should the client require specific packaging, it will be charged accordingly.

1. Prices of our pieces do not include transportation values and fees. Transportation quotes can be provided upon request. Please note that all transportation services require the receiver of the goods to verify their status with the carrier upon delivery. The POD must be signed with reservations subject to verification with/without apparent damage and provided whenever requested. Failure to do so, or to provide a written claim for any damage or loss within 7 working days of the delivery will automatically release Aluminiumsky for any liability for damage sustained in transit cargo. Aluminiumsky will also not be liable for any damages resulting from the handling, loading, or unloading by persons acting on behalf of the receiver.

2. Standard transport quotes are valid for a period of 10 business days from the day they are sent. If the client chooses to proceed with the shipping service provided by us, must be aware that the initial quote will have to revise prior to the shipment.

3. Our transport services are usually made on a door-to-door service (DAP incoterm) from our warehouse to the building door of the address provided by the client. It does not include customs fees, handling, uncrating, or the removal of any packaging materials.

4. Other types of transport service can be required which include DDP incoterm (door to door delivery with all the possible fees and customs taxes covered), White Glove Service, or Express Delivery.

5. If the client chooses to hire his own agent of transportation (EXW) Aluminiumsky will be free of any charges or responsibility for events that might occur during transportation. Therefore, responsibility for damage occurring in-transit is the owner’s and all claims for freight damage must be filed directly with the selected carrier. Aluminiumsky is not responsible for a customer’s own or third-party freight damage and claim.

6. Any transportation of the piece from the destination to a second location will forfeit any transportation damage claim. We highly recommend using a qualified receiving warehouse to receive, inspect, consolidate deliveries and facilitate in-home installation. All crated goods must go through a professional receiver such as a receiving warehouse. A receiving warehouse acts as an agent for the client and is responsible to note any damage and assist the owner with filing a freight claim when any damage is found. A qualified receiving person should be present to accept products when delivered directly to a home.

7. For orders with the final destination outside of Europe, a DU (export document) is mandatory and we reserve the right to issue it. This document cost 80€/99$

8.EXW transports to destinations outside the EU the company reserves the right to charge 23% VAT, an amount that will be refunded as soon as we receive the EX-1 certificat

Storage fees may be applied up to 10% of the total invoice price per week if the remaining invoice balance is not paid in full and/or shipping arrangements have not been made within ten (10) business days after being informed that the order is ready. The 10% charge will be compounding each week in the Netherlands.

We keep a reasonable number of products in stock. In order to request our stock list and confirm the product’s availability at the time of the purchase, please contact the Market Manager.

We are able to provide samples for most of our used finished and materials. If the client wishes to acquire any of the finished, they should contact us.

Packaging is included in the price when mandatory the use of wooden box the client should instruct when placing the order; if the client requires specific packaging, they will be charged accordingly.

We may provide all of the following services for a special fee – please contact our staff – regarding prices: Certificate of Origin, Authentication of Invoices, Inspections, Storage and Demurrage, Change of Details on Final Invoice.

1. Our goal is your satisfaction with your order. Should the article received fail your expectations in any way, please provide a written claim within the first 48 hours after reception.

1.1 Photographic evidence supporting your allegation must be sent by e-mail to our customer service team or to the respective sales representative. Upon confirmation of any defect, we compromise to replace the defective part/piece integrally, within a period agreed with the client. The defective part/ piece must be received in its original package before any replacement can be sent especially in all cases concerning customized products or new products created to meet the buyers’ specifications.

2. In case of returning items and upon approval of a return and the issuance of a written authorization, company document or email, you may return your order upon the following conditions:

2.1 Carefully prepare the material for return. Use the original packaging, if in good condition. If not, then use appropriate packaging to protect all materials and parts.

2.2 Include all parts. Missing parts, if not reported as part of the original claim, will not be refunded.

2.3 Note any damaged or missing parts at the time you make your claim and in the shipping container.

2.4 For all sales made through a point of distribution, and in case of return or replacement, it is the customer’s responsibility to deliver/collect the goods to the point of distribution.

2.5 Before any replacement is sent it is mandatory to collect the defective product upfront.

3.Customer Credits

3.1 Upon return of the materials, the respective brand will inspect them and determine the resale value if any.

3.2 The value may be reduced by the replacement cost of missing or damaged parts not reported in your claim.

3.3 Not available for a refund: Shipping Costs; Cost of customizing or custom parts. Custom and Bespoked designs ordered materials are not returnable for a full refund.

3.4 All accepted returns will be available to the client in form of a Credit Note in which can the credited amount will be available at the client’s account within our service. We reserve the right to evaluate every case individually.

4. Custom made products cannot be returned.

Standard Product – 50% to adjudicate the work (order) + 50% before the goods are shipped; Custom-made Product – 100% (total payment to start production); Orders go into production only after we confirm that the final invoice is signed/stamped by the client and the adjudication value has been received; The payment must be made by account transfer and the confirmation (receipt) of the transfer must be sent along with the signed/stamped invoice by e-mail to the respective sales representative; The lead time starts the day the orders go into production; Payments in advance are non-refundable.

Please consider that lead times may vary depending on the season and piece. Stock pieces, made to order pieces, and custom or bespoke pieces have different lead times, and if ordered in big quantities these lead times can also vary.

The standard lead times, for made to order pieces are:
– 20-30 weeks

Aluminiumsky does not warrant: changes in surface finishes due to aging or exposure to light, damage from sharp objects or imprinting from writing instruments, or prolonged exposure to humidity. We do not guarantee finishes against fading and/or oxidizing throughout the years. Variations in color and veining are inherent in metal and considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material. Upon confirmation of any defect, Aluminiumsky reserves the right to determine whether a replacement or repair is the most appropriate course of action, within a period agreed with the client. In case of replacement, the defective part/piece must be received by the brands in its original package before any replacement can be sent.

Aluminiumsky shall not be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages, or expenses, directly or indirectly arising from the sale, handling, or use of the goods, or from any other cause with respect to the goods or this agreement, whether such claim is based upon breach of contract, strict liability in tort, negligence or any other legal theory. Seller’s liability hereunder, in any case, is expressly limited, at manufacturer’s election, to repair or replace (in the form originally ordered) of goods not complying with this agreement, or to the repayment of, or crediting Buyer with, an amount equal to the purchase price of such goods.

We have the ability to customize existing products or new products to meet contract specifications. These orders will necessitate special pricing based on quantity and features. Please contact the Market Manager for contract quotes.

Clean & care

Small and medium-sized chandeliers should be dusted regularly in order to avoid more integral cleaning procedures. The cleaning frequency will depend on where the lighting texture is. Entryway and near kitchen chandeliers tens to need more frequent cleaning. A rule of thumb is to clear the lighting every 12 months.

Metal textures are protected with a coat of clear UV varnish to keep the finish from tarnishing, so brass polish is not necessary. Damage to this protection coating from harsh cleaning products may lead to a tarnished finish. Do not use damp cloths, abrasive cleaners or water on the metal as these may damage the surface. Dust regularly with a soft dry cloth.