Eris - Lighting room

Made from aluminium tubes, allow this hexagram modern chandelier to take the spotlight in your projects, and you will not be disappointed. Every story you create in your space will be written by the warm lighting words of Eris, just enjoy all these silver memories.

The lamp is completely custom made. The dimensions, shape, finish, number of light points. All lamps are made of aluminum. In the end, our goal is to make our designs highlight the character of your interiors.

Techinical information


  • Height: 60 cm | 23,6 in
  • Length: 170 cm | 66,9 in
  • Depth: 95 cm | 35,4 in


  • Net Weight: 25kg | 55,1 lbs


  • Number: 77 Type: 40W max | G9


  • Transort service is available, please contact ALUMINIUMSKY for additional informaion


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