About us - Lighting house

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Aluminiumsky creates art lamps that will give a retro-chic vibe to your new kitchen counter or even mid-century entryway.

Aluminumsky is always creating new futuriuos designs, from 2022 till forever. The aluminum look is rebuilt by Aluminiumsky by showing the light reflection in the metal art lichting.

Creating a luxurious lamp for your desired environment. Every detail of every part is assured of excellence. Thanks to the talented creativity of the craftsmen, Aluminumsky achieves supremacy

The lamps are sure to catch the attention of your guests, due to the care with which the lamps are handcrafted by Alumuminiumsky, reflecting the full attention and excellence we put into every detail.

In every product we deliver to you our design experiences, and will leave a lasting impression on all luxurious rooms. The outcome is a merge between design and refined art.